A new driver’s choice for car mats is usually what they give when buying a car. The mats given by 4S stores usually perform poorly in terms of waterproofing, so some drivers will choose to install new car mat after picking up the car. In addition to these people who are willing to buy new floor mats, there are also car clubs who choose to abandon the floor mats directly and run naked on the road. As an old driver, should I install car floor mats?

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First, let's take a look at the role of car mats!

As an important part of the original car interior accessories, the car mat plays a very important role. For the occupants in the car, especially the driver, the car mat is indispensable. Car mats can protect the original car’s carpet from friction and damage, and keep the car’s interior environment clean and complete. Those who have paid attention to the used car market should know that.Cars that are always protected by car mats and cars that never use car mats bring completely two feelings.

Just as we put mats in front of the door and in the bathroom, car mats can play a role in waterproofing and stain resistance. In rainy days, if the sewage and sludge on the soles of the feet are not isolated from the car mats, it will damage the original car floor to a large extent, and may cause mold and bacteria to endanger the health of the car owner. With car mats, It will be easier to clean these dirt.

Secondly, car mats also have the function of sound insulation and shock resistance. Excellent foot mats can relieve the vibration and noise generated by the car chassis and tires to a large extent, and improve a certain degree of driving comfort.

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In fact, it’s unreliable to say that you don’t need to use car mats on the Internet. Not all of them don’t use car mats. In their opinion, the car is just a means of transportation, so the mats they choose pay more attention to anti-pollution and practicality . Therefore, we prefer to choose car mats that are environmentally friendly and wear-resistant and dirt-resistant.

The choice of car mat:

When purchasing car mats, we should take into account several key points such as environmental protection performance, fit degree, wear resistance and easy cleaning, so when choosing a style, it is best to choose semi-enclosed and full-enclosed foot mats for special vehicles; Above, we recommend environmentally friendly and healthy TPE material. This material is recognized as safe and harmless. Before it is used to make car mats, it has been widely used in the pregnancy, infant and medical industries, so it will not emit unpleasant smells. The smell and toxic and harmful substances.


In addition, the characteristics of the TPE material itself determine that pure TPE car mats must be manufactured by injection molding, so they have a degree of compliance that far exceeds that of ordinary mats and will not jam the brakes and throttle.

At present, there are many types of car floor mats on the market. From the specifications, they can be divided into fully enclosed car floor mats, semi-enclosed car floor mats and flat car floor mats. They can be divided into dozens of types in terms of materials.

When choosing TPE car mats, you should pay attention to choosing car mats made of 100% TPE. There are many car mats that are mixed with TPE, TPO, and PVC on the market to reduce production costs. Mixed car mats often have a lot of peculiar smell, and need to be dried and ventilated before use. At present, the quality of our DEAO products is not inferior to European and American car mats. It is the best choice for car owners to purchase TPE car mats.

Post time: Jan-15-2021