All-weather car trunk mat, customized for your comfortable driving

With the development of the times, science and technology are constantly advancing, subverting our lives and changing our way of life. The daily necessities, food, housing and transportation in life are full of the fruits of technology, from daily cooking to travel, and leisure time entertainment, which are full of derivatives of technology, making our lives more convenient. Fast, adds a lot of color to our lives.

In the past, most of our travel methods were bicycles, but today's travel methods are more diversified, subways, buses, high-speed rails, airplanes, and technology have greatly shortened the distance between people. More and more families are now able to drive in private cars, take their children to and from school, commute by themselves, or travel with family and friends during breaks. Every car owner cherishes his car and pays great attention to maintenance. .


People often use the trunk to store a lot of things due to work needs. They also use the trunk to store tents, food and other items when traveling and playing. There is more rain in summer, which has a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface and car skin of the car. Will cause certain damage to the car. The cushion can prevent things from sliding in the car, especially when you encounter bumpy roads during driving, things will often fall or slide due to bumps. If your trunk is equipped with a cushion, this will not happen It happened because the mat has a well-designed anti-slip function. The trunk of a car is a place for storing things, and its role cannot be ignored. Car trunk mat is an environmentally friendly car interior parts that integrates the five main functions of water absorption, dust collection, decontamination, sound insulation, and protection of the trunk carpet. In order for the trunk to be worn out, the trunk mat is still necessary to avoid bumps and protect the car. DEAO custom car trunk mats are customized for the car, dedicated for special cars, professional-grade trunk mats, and customization belongs to your comfortable driving.


Many car owners worry about the mismatch between buying the trunk mat and the trunk of the car. Che Liyou customized the full-surrounded car trunk mat for real car measurement, the shape fits, and the corners are fully covered and fully protected. The quilting craft interprets the taste, the exquisite quilting texture is born for show, and is beautiful for show. It uses environmentally friendly materials, five-layer composite, and strictly controls each material to protect the health of every car owner. Rest assured and comfortable.

Private cars are becoming more and more popular, and the trunks of cars are used very frequently, and protection needs to be done. Choose DEAO custom fully enclosed car trunk mat to fit the original car, protect it in place, take care of your car, so that you can travel comfortably and have no worries, and feel free to experience the comfortable driving pleasure.

Post time: Jun-04-2021