1. Q: Does the product have a patent? Will export infringement? Can the pattern design be customized?

A: Our factory has its own R&D and design team, all designs have patents, and there are more than 200 patents. There is absolutely no problem with export. The pattern design can be customized, which is equivalent to reopening the mold, and the mold cost will be higher.

2、Q: What material are your Tesla accessories made of? Are they carbon fiber?

A: It is water transfer printing, the surface looks similar to carbon fiber, and the price is cheaper than carbon fiber. If you need carbon fiber, it can be customized.

3. Q: If I bought a cushion without the top layer at the beginning, and then I want to add a cushion, how to install it later?

A: If there is a buckle, you can directly fix the fur cushion. Replace the buckle and fix the fur cushion.

4、About car mat texture

A:①Advanced drainage channel designs on our floor mats can carry fluids, dirt away from your shoes and cloths.The lower reservoir keeps these unsightly messes locked down in one place on the mat and not all over your vehicle's carpet.

②The location of the driving position brake throttle is encrypted, enhances friction and wear resistance, ensuring safety to improve service life.

③The pattern design is integrated into the original car element, simple and fashionable, and the loading effect is beautiful.

5. Q: What is the packaging of this car mat?

A: It uses hard carton packaging to protect the car mats

6. Q: What is the quality of your car mats?

A: Our car mats are made of TPE injection molding, which is much better than ordinary blister quality, and the product is guaranteed for life, if there is any problem, we can return it for free.

7、Q: What are your packaging conditions?

A:Generally, we pack our goods in PVC bags and cartons which will be printed by your company LOGO or Remark. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

8、Q:How many color available?

A: BEIGE, ORANGE, MAROON, RED, BLACK and so on. We can make color customization

9. Q: Are there any MOQ issues for exports? Is it easy to arrange small quantities?

A: We are a source production plant. Many models are produced by our customers all year round. When we are mass-produced, the quantity can be arranged. Many models are basically in stock. When placing an order, please check with our production.

10. Q: Can the model be customized?

A: The models can be customized. We have our own mold development and production capabilities and can be customized according to customer models.

11. Q: What kind of material is TPE? How is this car mat different from the car mats on the market?

Answer: TPE is an environmentally friendly material with rubber characteristics and high elasticity. Our car mats are injection-molded and integrated, and the production process is completely environmentally friendly. It is completely different from the materials on the market.

12. Q: Will this material in your house be hard in winter?

A: Don't worry about this. Our materials have been tested by SGS and are still in this state when it reaches minus 30 degrees.

13. Q: Will this kind of mat in your home raise dust?

A: Our feet are waterproof and dustproof. This kind of car mat is very popular among off-road vehicle owners. The dust on the off-road vehicle should be the greatest, but there is no such problem as dust. The design of our drainage canal is to deposit sand and dust.

14. Q: There are some minor changes in the models of each country. How can you ensure that your products are suitable for each model?

A: Before solving this problem, we need to understand the difference between the two processes of blister and injection. Some blister mats on the market need to be manually cut, so there will be some errors in the product size, but the injection molding is integrated with the mold. For molding, we only need to modify the extra corners, so our injection molding foot pad can ensure that each model is shipped the same, and there will be no difference in size, and it will not be suitable for these Model.

15. Q: Why is your factory price higher than your peers?

A: The low-priced products in the same industry that you know about are all blister mats, and our car mats are injection molded. The difference in craftsmanship will lead to product quality and price. Consumers get high-quality products. It is you who have gained benefits, and it is your recognition of us.

16. Q: How to ensure that the size will not differ from the original car?

A: The original car is dedicated, actual car measurement, confirm the size before mass production

17. Q: Can you send it to our warehouse or Amazon warehouse? Can it be customized?

A: Yes

18. Q: Is there any capital requirement to be your agent?

A: There is no capital requirement. The products we have in stock can be shipped according to the number of customers.

19. Q: How long is your Amazon shipping cycle and how long will it take to arrive at our US warehouse?

A: Generally speaking, 30 days at sea plus 15 days for customs clearance.

20. Q: Will your car mats be slippery? Will it be difficult to clean in dusty places?

A: It is not slippery, it is fixed by a special car buckle, there are anti-skid nails on the back, and the surface has anti-skid lines to increase friction, waterproof and easy to clean.

21. Q: How are your products packaged and are they folded?

A: Our product is packaged in carton, flat and not folded, the volume will be a little thrown away.

22. Q: Do you have overseas warehouses to support us in the early stage?

A: At this stage, we do not have overseas warehouses, but we currently plan to establish our own warehouses in a stable market. So at present, eBay or Amazon can only send them from our warehouse. We will help you arrange overseas logistics.

23. What does it mean to recruit partners globally?

A: We are now mainly engaged in foreign trade, recruiting agents and distributors worldwide.

24. Do partners have any requirements?

A: The main reason is that we will have an observation period to observe the amount of goods that this customer takes in our house within a year. When the amount reaches a certain amount, if the other party has this willingness, we will sign an agency contract.

25. Will your car mats crease during transportation?

Answer: No, we fold the back row in half and pack the front row. The 14cm height of the box will not produce creases.

26. Q: Is there a minimum order quantity requirement?

Answer: Nowadays, customers purchase a large amount, and most models are in production and shipped, and some are basically in stock. There is no minimum order quantity requirement for conventional models, but they are priced differently according to different quantities.

27. Q: Has it passed the US testing requirements or certification?

Answer: At present, it has passed the SGS test and the factory's ISO9001 certification. If customers need to pass tests and certifications, we are fully capable of arranging them and passing them. You can provide the test or certification information required by the customer, and after confirming the order, we can arrange it.

28. Q: Why do I still have to pay for this sample?

A: Because there are too many different customers to ask for samples, in order to control the cost, we need sample fees. If you don't specify the car model, we have a specific free sample of small pieces for you to check, you only need to pay the freight.

29. Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A: We are direct factory specializing in custom fit car mats with own designing team and production lines.

30. Q: Can you customize the mats as per our request?

A: Yes, we have own professional designing apartment and models making machines.We can customize the mats as per your design / size / logo.

31. Q: What's the price? Is the price fixed? 

A: The price is negotiable. It can be changed according to your quantity or package. When you are making an inquiry please let us know the quantity you want.

32.Q: How can i get a sample before placing an order? 

A: We can provide you a sample for free if the amount is not too much,but you need to pay the air freight to us.

33. Q: Will you provide a warranty?

A: Yes, we are very confident in our products,and we pack them very well,so usually you will receive your order in good condition.But due to long time shipment there will be a little damage for products.Any quality issue,we will deal with it immediately.

34. Q:Can we order a sample before bulk order?

A: Yes, we can offer 1 or 2 pics samples for your testing, and we can refund the sample fee after placing bulk orders.

35. Q: What is the defective rate of your products?

A: The defect of our products is less than 0.3%.

36. Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Our TPE car mats were made from injection machine one time. So there nearly no any problem on production and will do triming before packing. Quality comes FIRST . We always test the product one by one before assembling and packing. 


Post time: Jan-29-2021