Application of 3D scanning technology in the automotive industry

3d scanning

Nowadays, the automobile industry is developing rapidly, and manufacturers of various brands are competing for excellence, and a huge industrial chain has been formed. The number of domestic cars in my country continues to rise, and consumers are paying more and more attention to the structure, quality and style of cars. In order to enhance the competitiveness of their products, automobile companies are carefully developing and designing more avant-garde, creative, more comfortable, and convenient car models that can satisfy the majority of consumers.
In recent years, 3D scanning technology has been widely used in the automotive industry, and it runs through the entire life cycle of the car factory.
1. In the conceptual stage of the initial stage of production, reverse engineering can be used for analysis of competing products, analysis and research of competing products and their parts, research and development, design, virtual model, model transformation, etc.
2. In the design stage, reverse design, shape analysis, etc. can be carried out, and virtual design can be carried out in the software to avoid the consumption of raw materials.
3. In the production stage, the size of the product in production can be inspected, and the product can be scanned by a three-dimensional scanner and compared with the original data, which can more intuitively check the error and ensure the quality of the product to the greatest extent.
4. In the maintenance phase, it can issue parts and components wear analysis, complex assembly and disassembly video data.

Auto parts quality inspection
The point cloud data of auto parts can be obtained through 3D scanning technology, and the obtained point cloud data and the original CAD data of the parts can be compared, the deviation value of each position can be easily obtained, and it is provided for the quality inspection of large curved surfaces and complex structures. A good solution.
Reverse design and development
Carrying out three-dimensional scanning of the car can obtain the three-dimensional point cloud data of the car, and importing the three-dimensional point cloud data into the three-dimensional modeling software can provide a basis for the design and transformation of the car model, save the manual measurement process, improve the efficiency and make the result more accurate .

With the continuous development of 3D scanning technology, the advantages of 3D scanning technology will become increasingly prominent in many industries and fields in the future, and the application of 3D scanning technology will cover a wider range of fields.

Post time: Aug-07-2021