Application of TPE material in car mats and matters needing attention

TPE materials have been widely used in car mats due to their delicate hand feeling, wide range of hardness, low environmentally friendly smell, moderate price, not easy to suck out, and no brittleness in winter. Today, I mainly explain the car mats under two different molding processes. Namely injection molding process, extrusion calendering process.


Injection molding process. This kind of process is not very complicated in molding, and the technical requirements for TPE raw material engineers are not very high. As long as they are professional engineers, even if they have not produced similar formulas, they can get started quickly. As a foot pad manufacturer, more consideration is the product cost and appearance requirements. If the price is low, and the customer does not have too high requirements for quality, the foot pad manufacturers generally choose PVC materials to make them. This type of material is cheap and has good aging resistance. However, the environmental performance is not good, especially in winter, it is easy to become brittle. If the price is moderate and the customer also has requirements for quality, the foot pad manufacturer will choose TPE material to make it. TPE material feels more delicate, not easy to spit oil, aging resistance is also good, and environmentally friendly, no odor. Even in winter, it can maintain a soft touch. In terms of price, among many materials, the price/performance ratio is also very high. This is why in recent years, TPE foot pad products have become more and more popular. Of course, in the market, in addition to the above two materials, there are also other material foot pads. Among the many materials, I did not say which one is the best. I believe that the one that suits you is the best.


TPE material
Extrusion calendering molding process. This type of process is more complicated in molding, and the extruded and calendered sheet has to be formed by suction. This kind of process has strict requirements on materials. In addition to being able to extrude, it must also not turn white or deform during blister. If TPE materials are selected for this process, there are some requirements for the formulation technology of TPE materials engineers. Engineers must deploy suitable materials to meet all requirements. There are great considerations for the engineer’s material knowledge, because it is not suitable for ordinary materials, and often some less common materials can achieve these properties. At present, most of the foot pad manufacturers use TPE materials, TPO, EPDM and other materials. If you want your foot pads to feel good, environmentally friendly, low odor, and non-spitting oil, then I suggest you try TPE materials.


Post time: Oct-15-2021