Can installing a spoiler on a car really improve the handling of the car?

Many car owners choose to install a spoiler or rear wing when refitting their car. So what are the functions of the spoiler? How is it different from the tail wing?


On the racing track, the rear wing of the car can reduce the rear lift of the car, smooth the turbulence after the car, and reduce the traveling resistance. This process of drag reduction may only take a few seconds or even less than a second, but it is life-threatening for the racer. When the car is moving, in the empty area behind the car, the airflow will form a turbulent vortex and then generate a low pressure area; and the front of the car is under normal pressure, which will cause great air resistance. The tail wing is mainly used to quickly smooth the turbulence. The existence of air resistance disturbs the stability of the car, so people design the car spoiler, hoping to use the adhesion to the ground to offset part of the air lift, control the car to float, so that the car can drive more stably on the road.


Q1. What is the role of a car spoiler?

The term turbulence is meant to interfere with the airflow, but for cars, "turbulence" refers to the split guidance of the airflow and its use. The most common turbulence device is the wing of an airplane. The wing divides the airflow so that the upper airflow velocity is low and the lower airflow velocity is low and strong, which generates a pressure difference that can become lift. The lift and the backward induced drag are combined into air. power. The installation of a spoiler at the rear of the body allows the airflow to act directly on the spoiler, enabling the vehicle to achieve the following effects when moving:

1. Reduce or overcome the impact of air resistance of the vehicle at high speeds.

2. Increase the adhesion of the vehicle to the ground and offset the effect of the fast moving air on the lift of the vehicle.

3. While controlling the vehicle not to float, it improves the ease of handling and stability of the vehicle.


Q2. What is the difference between a car spoiler and a rear wing?

1. The cross section of the spoiler is a reverse airfoil, which must be installed after aerodynamic calculations, while the cross section of the tail has no fixed shape and is installed at will.

2. The spoiler enables the vehicle to generate lift and downforce in time at different speeds or driving attitudes to meet the tire gripping requirements and maintain the stability of the vehicle body.

3. The spoiler can be installed in the front or the rear. The front spoiler can reduce the airflow at the front bottom of the car, thereby blocking the upward force and increasing the grip; the rear spoiler can be formed at the rear of the car Pressure to reduce the influence of air on the lift of the vehicle. The tail wing helps the vehicle maintain stability at high speeds by providing negative lift, and the tail wing cannot be installed in the front, but can only be installed in the rear of the car.

4. The rear spoiler must be held up by the supporting structure and separated from the body, while the rear wing is installed by duck tongue, tail docking, sticking, and bridge free support.

5. The spoiler has an adjustable angle feature, which can be adjusted autonomously according to vehicle speed and wind speed, while the tail wing appears in a fixed form.

6. The spoiler has a variety of functions, including the function of the rear wing, while the rear wing only has the decorative function and the downforce function at the rear of the car.


Post time: May-14-2021