Although the Tesla brand was carried forward in Musk's hands, in fact it was not created by Musk, and the pioneering work Model S is not from Musk's hands. This masterpiece that subverted the entire automotive circle in 2012 actually came from Peter Rawlinson.


Peter Rawlinson was Tesla’s chief engineer ten years ago and led the design and development of the Model S. Later Musk became a shareholder of Tesla and gradually became the actual controller of the company. The original executives left one after another. Peter Rawlinson was one of them.

After leaving Tesla, Peter Rawlinson did not sit idle, but founded another electric car brand Lucid Motors. This brand also attracted Jia Yueting and BAIC to invest in shares. Peter Rawlinson has created a new car for the Lucid brand that surpasses Model S, the Lucid Air which is also what he calls "the fastest and longest battery life pure electric car on earth".


Lucid Air has a battery life of 517 miles, an acceleration from 100 kilometers in less than 2 seconds, and the price is as high as $169,000. These data are indeed enough to kill the Model S, until last week, Tesla launched a new Model S Plaid+ version with a battery life of more than 520 miles and a price of only 132,900 US dollars.

Of course, Peter Rawlinson’s goal is not just to launch a car that can compete with Model S. His ultimate goal is the same as Musk, to launch a cheap electric car, priced at around US$25,000 to US$40,000. More mass market. Peter Rawlinson said his goal is to produce one million electric cars every year.

lucid air

After Biden took the stage, it was good news for Lucid Motors or Tesla. The US electric car industry will usher in an outbreak period. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas believes that California is expected to become the next Norway, where electric vehicle sales account for 80% of new car sales, leading other countries for 15 years.

Now Peter Rawlinson has begun the pace of expansion. He expects that the new plant in Arizona this year can produce at least 6,000 Lucid Air units, bringing in revenue of 900 million US dollars. With the launch of a low-priced model of US$77,000, sales in 2022 are expected to exceed 25,000 units. In 2023, they will launch Gravity, a pure electric SUV, and will launch a cheaper and smaller sedan in the future, which will be the benchmark Model 3.


So far, Lucid Auto has not yet been IPO. The funding mainly comes from the 1.3 billion U.S. dollars invested by the Saudi public investment fund in 2018. Before that, they raised 150 million U.S. dollars. Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket for car building, so Peter Rawlinson has been looking for opportunities to get the company listed, such as through backdoor, just like Jia Yueting's FF is now doing.

Peter Rawlinson used to play for Jaguar and Lotus Motors. He joined Tesla in 2009. In the days when he worked with Musk, there was not much conflict between the two. Peter Rawlinson also praised Musk. After the success of Model S, Tesla launched Model X, but because Musk insisted on using the too unique design of the Eagle Wing door, the product was delayed for two years before mass production. Peter Rawlinson did not agree with this. Musk's approach.

Peter Rawlinson left Tesla in 2012 and returned to the UK to take care of his sick mother. In this regard, he did leave for personal reasons. A year later, he joined Atieva, another startup in Silicon Valley, as the CTO. Later, the company was renamed Lucid Automotive. In 2019, Peter Rawlinson became the company's CEO.

Although Peter Rawlinson and Musk’s goals and philosophy of running the company are very consistent, his style of dealing with people is completely different from Musk. He does not play Twitter and does not like high-profile things. He says he is not a dictator and does not want I am too famous and I don't want everyone to pay attention to who is the CEO of Lucid Auto, but to pay more attention to the product itself.


Post time: Feb-08-2021