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COVID-19 has been effectively controlled and gradually improved with the efforts of the people across the country, but the awareness of epidemic prevention must not be relaxed! In particular, the recent sharp rebound of the new crown epidemic is directly related to the infection in the public health area! As a company with a sense of social responsibility, DEAO reminds everyone that the epidemic has sounded a wake-up call to the world, and it is indispensable to cultivate long-term and good hygiene prevention awareness. Take epidemic prevention as a good opportunity to raise awareness of hygiene and cleanliness, strengthen awareness of environmental cleanliness, create a good hygiene environment, and implement it as a long-term measure.

Why do you need to disinfect the soles?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been closely watched by the world. However, in this epidemic prevention battle, everyone focused on the protection of contact and visible patients on masks, goggles and gloves, but underestimated a part that is more concealed and dangerous than the mouth of the hand-the sole. Sterilized combination floor mats were born in this case.

During the epidemic, while paying attention to the spread of droplets, we must be highly vigilant against the spread of shoe soles. Because we have no way of knowing whether the virus carriers pass through public areas and have spitting and other behaviors.

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Ground disinfection and isolation by disinfecting floor mats can effectively block outdoor ground viruses from being brought indoors with shoe soles, wheels, etc., and prevent virus contamination from the source. Disinfecting the foot pads can clean the bacteria from the soles of the shoes, and care for the health of the family at all times. DEAO has made great efforts to develop the concept of anti-epidemic, anti-bacterial and disinfection floor mats, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

disinfecting floor mat

In the material of the floor mats,we still use the latest TPE health and environmental protection materials to ensure the health and environmental protection characteristics and durability of the product, safe and non-toxic, softer, reusable, and Eco-friendly in compliance with the environmental protection standards of European and American countries. Use strong absorbent cotton, with high friction, mix the disinfectant and water dilution ratio, spray disinfectant water on the floor mat, spray the medicine evenly on the surface, let the soles of the feet completely contact the disinfectant water, and effectively inhibit or kill the bacteria on the soles of the feet. Step on the strong absorbent pad to absorb the disinfectant on the soles of the feet to avoid bringing water stains into the room and causing secondary pollution. So as to achieve the effect of disinfecting the soles and keeping the indoor floor dry, thoroughly cleaning the mud stuck to the soles, the 3-layer thick mat provides stability and absorbs up to 95% of the liquid, removes bacteria and viruses, and refreshes the door.

According to the latest research report, the virus can survive on the surface of objects for up to 5 days, and the soles of the shoes are in close contact with the ground every day, which is also a new way for the spread of the epidemic. 85% of indoor dust is brought into the room by the soles of shoes, and the dust is bacteria.And the carrier of virus attachment and spread. The sole is like a time bomb (a source of invisible pollution), and the risk of the virus being carried home from the sole of the foot cannot be ruled out 100%. Viruses in the indoor environment can be brought in through multiple channels, and the sole is a link that cannot be ignored!

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Post time: Jan-08-2021