Ford Mustang Mach-E vs. Tesla Model Y: Who is the mainstream SUV

Consumers can no longer be satisfied with pure electric cars. Just like Musk's philosophy, he is like the Iron Man in the real world, running an unconventional company. You can say it is a technology company, but it has also designed multiple industries, including aerospace, personal technology, and pure electric vehicles. It not only changes the industry, but also brings to the technology field. Indelible influence. It can be seen that he has a visionary business philosophy and development direction in various industries, especially Tesla occupies an absolute leading and dominant position in the current pure electric industry.

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Many people think that Tesla, an electric car manufacturer with only 18 years of development history, is still a bit too young. From the original Roadster sports car to the modern Model 3 and Model Y, what Tesla has really done is to make electric cars more The direction of smart and more technological development, but it still has an unreasonable gap with traditional car companies in the automotive field. So it also gives the Ford Mustang Mach-E a reason for existence. In order to create a better brand image and adapt to the development trend of electric vehicles, Ford has independent the Mustang brand and set its own development direction. So this rear-wheel drive Mach-E, which looks very similar to Model Y, is not a copy of Model Y. We can still find some of Ford’s soul in it.

First of all, we see that the size specifications of Tesla Model Y and Mustang Mach-E are very close. The length, width and height specifications of Mustang Mach-E are 4724*1880*1600mm, which is actually compared with Audi’s e-Tron and Jaguar’s I- Pace is also very close in specifications. It can be seen that various manufacturers have found the size that a pure electric SUV of this level should have, so the overall space performance is still good. This time we chose the 2021 Mach-E 4X model. The drive configuration is the same as that of the Tesla Model Y. Both front and rear dual motors realize the four-wheel drive function. The maximum output power is 346 horsepower. According to EPA's calculations, it can reach 270 miles of battery life on a single charge.

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For Tesla Model Y, we chose the 2020 dual-motor long-life version. After all, this car hasn't been on the market for long. The overall space experience is indeed much better than Model 3, because we have compared the gap between the two before, so I won't go into too much detail here. It is worth comparing that this car is also powered by dual-motor front and rear. The actual kilometer output can reach 384 horsepower, and the EPA's cruising range can reach 316 miles (current 2021 models can reach 326 miles).

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In addition to the above differences, the price of Tesla Model Y is still different from that of Mustang Mach-E. Although the basic model is only less than 52,000 US dollars, it also includes automatic driving assistance systems and some paint and interior configurations. , The final price of this long-life Model Y is $63,190. The Mustang Mach-E model, which has a shorter battery life, is relatively cheaper. The test version starts at US$55,800, plus some options only cost US$56,450. At present, it can also enjoy certain subsidies in some areas. What Model Y is missing. So in summary, the Ford Mustang Mach-E does seem to be more worth buying in terms of cost performance.


We tried driving in various road conditions such as cities and highways, including some bad road conditions and some winding mountain roads. Intuitively speaking, these two electric vehicles have a low center of gravity and can maintain a good driving posture. Professionals benefit from the large number of batteries placed under the floor. Despite this, the Mustang Mach-E has better handling performance, and the lower ground clearance of the model has some advantages, but the higher setting of the Tesla Model Y makes its driving field better, and the two are also considered to be better. 


From a visual point of view, the Mustang Mach-E is more sporty, while the actual acceleration of the Model Y is stronger, and the sensory experience is the same. The tested Model Y can accelerate to 100 kilometers in 4.1 seconds, which is 0.7 seconds faster than the Mustang Mach-E, which is much faster for electric vehicles. At the same time, Model Y not only wins with stronger power, but its power output is more linear and controllable.

However, thanks to Ford's century of car production experience, the Mustang Mach-E provides three driving modes: sporty, standard and comfortable. The first two modes have changed the feedback force of the steering wheel, which makes the subjective feeling more sporty, and no matter which mode you use, the direction is accurate enough and the response is fast. And the three modes will have different power output feelings. The sports and standard modes obviously have active output capabilities, and the comfort mode is more lazy and linear, much like a fuel car. Of course, this car is also a single-pedal mode in all modes, and active kinetic energy recovery can be performed even in sports mode.


Therefore, the Tesla Model Y is very different in comparison. Although there are different modes to choose from, and the braking and steering can be customized, the feedback of the steering wheel is very electronic, and there is no Mustang Mach. -E The kind of feeling similar to a traditional fuel car. Especially in the same comfort mode, Model Y is less differentiated. However, from the point of view of an electric car alone, Tesla’s performance is strong enough to allow various drivers to quickly find a driving rhythm that suits them, which means that it is easy and easy to drive.

In addition, Tesla Model Y does have a very big advantage in another aspect, that is, the autonomous driving system. Although it is still an incomplete autopilot system, you still need to keep your hands on the steering wheel as much as possible during the driving process, so as to take over the control of the vehicle at any time. From our experience, whether it is Model 3 or this Model Y, the vehicle can remain in the middle of the lane, and can identify various obstacles and vehicles on the road, as well as various information of traffic lights, at the set speed. You can prompt whether you can complete functions such as automatic lane change and automatic off-ramp according to the navigation destination you set. These experiences are not experienced on other models. 

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The Ford Co-Pilot 360 system on the Mustang Mach-E is indeed doing very well, but it does not have as rich interactive experience as Tesla, especially in terms of display content, not as intuitive as Tesla. However, the basic functions of this system are still very practical. The functions of lane keeping and departure warning are very accurate. Later this year, Ford will also provide functions very similar to Tesla's autopilot system, which can be upgraded via OTA. The price is only $600, and the hardware has been prefabricated on the model. But from the news and some experiences we have so far, even with this update, the actual function implementation and experience are still far from Tesla, such as automatic lane change and automatic car following functions. Promote.

Interior and configuration have their own characteristics

Generally speaking, the interior of Tesla Model Y has no essential difference from Model 3, but it has a breakthrough with the conventional layout of traditional cars. Generally speaking, it is simple and intuitive. The Mustang Mach-E is much warmer than Model Y, and it's also a lot more automotive. There are still two parts: the driving position instrument and the 15.5-inch LCD instrument of the central control. Although the physical buttons of the central control are also eliminated, they are integrated into the central control screen, but the air-conditioning outlet is not made hidden. Therefore, Ford's dual-screen design is more traditional and easier to use. It does not need to rely on a single screen to display the dynamic information of the vehicle, and to implement various functions. Once the screen fails, it will be more embarrassing.

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Of course, there is another relatively technological aspect to be mentioned here is the integration of a rotatable control panel in the central control screen. This kind of processing has also been compromised in terms of practicality. However, the overall operation and display logic of this 15-inch screen of Tesla is better, that is, the function integration is too high, which causes many functions to be adjusted in the secondary or even tertiary menus. Fortunately, the response speed is And the touch accuracy is very high, which is what makes Tesla stand out. Also worthy of praise is the workmanship of Mustang Mach-E is very good, at least much better than Model Y, not only the workmanship of the exterior covering parts, but also the details of the interior can hardly find any roughness, plus The covering material of flannel is used, and the overall sense of luxury is one level higher than that of Model 

After switching to Model Y, the comparison shows that the space in the car is more spacious than that of the Mach-E, especially the storage space. Moreover, the seating space in the second row is better, both head and legs are more spacious than Mach-E, and the second row of seats can also be laid flat to form a flat structure. Although we measured the Mach-E space is indeed larger in terms of data, but from the perspective of space practicality, Model Y is better.

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What electric vehicles have to talk about is charging efficiency

In addition to power is what we need to care about, the charging speed of electric vehicles is also something we need to consider. Each company also provides a variety of different charging schemes as much as possible to adapt to their different battery layout schemes. At this point, Tesla is once again ahead of other brands. Super charging piles can provide up to 250kW of charging power and are distributed in more locations. Therefore, Model Y models can complete 75% of the battery charge in 35 minutes under overcharge, basically supplementing 230 miles of cruising range. And the charging method is very simple, just plug in the power supply and charge through the Tesla account.

Ford still has shortcomings in this regard. At present, it still relies more on public charging piles for charging, which will affect the actual charging efficiency. Mustang Mach-E currently has the highest charging efficiency of 150kW, which is much slower than Tesla even at maximum power. According to the official statement, with a charging efficiency of 150kW, it can add 50 miles of range in 10 minutes, and the charging time of 35 minutes can only reach a range of 175 miles compared with the same period of the previous year. If you use a public 50kW charging pile, it will take longer to charge. In addition, you also need to consider whether the specifications of the plugs on the different charging piles meet the requirements of the vehicle, and also to conduct separate settlements. It can only be said that Ford needs more future layout in this regard.

Above, we compared the advantages and disadvantages of two cars from several angles of one car. It is very intuitive to feel that Tesla still has its leading advantages and some of its own strengths, especially in the layout of autonomous driving and charging piles. Same as other competing products, even for electric vehicles such as Audi e-tron, Volkswagen’s ID series, and the more high-end Porsche Taycan, Tesla has to face such as Ford and Lucid. Waiting for this type of latecomer to catch up, Tesla still maintained a series of advantages that he was good at. But it has to be said that the current Tesla's car-building quality and reliability have successively encountered problems and it is indeed worrying.

So this also gives traditional car companies more opportunities to catch up. With the increasingly fierce competition, it has entered the electric vehicle market, and even the electric SUV model market. No matter how similar the Mustang Mach-E and Model Y are, they also have their own development history to go. If it catches up with the current mainstream market, it is actually an indirect unfairness for consumers. Therefore, we actually think that Tesla Model Y is more worth buying. Although it is really noisy to drive, and the whole glass top is also troublesome with its use, you still can’t refuse a high-tech model with a long mileage. The fresh experience it can bring, at least for a long period of time, not only can satisfy your curiosity and freshness, but it can also be used as a means of transportation to take your daily traffic unimpeded.

Post time: Apr-08-2021