How strong is the Tesla Model S Plaid? Fully automatic driving. Set a record for the New North Circuit

Just as model Y broke the sales record, model S plaid once again set the record for the lap speed of mass-produced electric cars on the North New York circuit. With a drop of 300 meters and containing 177 corners, it is one of the most difficult tracks in the world, and it is also a track that many professional drivers love and hate.

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As early as 2019, Porsche was fighting against Tesla. Porsche announced that the taycan had broken the record of four-door production car at the New North Circuit. However, after a few days, Musk quietly modified a mysterious one. The model S Plaid entered New York. With three of the world’s most advanced carbon-coated permanent magnet motors and black technology with vector torque distribution, he actually ran 7 minutes and 30 seconds, which is faster than the record-breaking taycan. After a full 20 seconds, this wave of Musk's operation made Porsche lose face.


You must know that this result is the Porsche taycan is also unmatched. Of course, it is not only the cornering models plaid, the 400-meter acceleration result is even faster than the 1,000-hp Ferrari FS90spider. Of course, Tesla will not refresh the record of the New North Circuit. And if you stop moving forward, no accident Tesla models plaid is likely to challenge a more difficult, crazier and more dangerous track. Do you guys know which track it is?

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The secret of this Model S being so fast is that Musk has transplanted the high-performance upper three motors originally used on the roadster. The two fourth-generation high-performance motors on the rear use the black technology of vector torque, which is Torque can be distributed in real time. It is possible to achieve precise and efficient steering at extremely high speeds. It is somewhat similar to a fuel differential lock, but the dual-motor direct electric drive is many times more efficient than traditional differential locks. Although this technology is Audi and Toyota is also developing, but Tesla has used it on the roadster a few years ago.


Because there is no decent rival, there has been no mass production. The model S Plaid, which is equipped with the same motor and the same technology, will soon become the world's most powerful mass-produced car. At the same time, it is equipped with a 4680 electrodeless battery, and the gear lever is cancelled. The vehicle will automatically complete the FSD full automatic driving of gear rewriting according to the scene real-time decision.

Post time: Sep-30-2021