How to identify genuine and fake carbon fiber!

According to the market research of Fuji Economic News Agency,By 2030, the global market for PAN, CFRP and CFRTP is expected to grow to 32.06 billion U.S. dollars.

carbon fiber

The doubling of the global carbon fiber market is mainly caused by the following important factors:

The rapid expansion of the demand market

Carbon fiber composite materials that were once only used in aerospace, military equipment and super sports cars now have more application fields, such as smart machinery, high-end medical equipment, rail transit, precision electronics, and even mass-produced models. Use carbon fiber composite materials.

Carbon fiber composite material (CFRP) has a small specific gravity and high strength. Using it as an industrial component material can achieve the effects of lightness, safety, high efficiency and energy saving. Compared with other materials such as steel, carbon fiber composite materials are more expensive, but the long-term benefits they bring cannot be ignored.

Lighter weight means less energy consumption, and stronger corrosion-resistant materials mean low maintenance costs. In a longer operating cycle, above the base of scale, this seemingly insignificant benefit can accumulate enough Surprisingly.

Not only that, some of the special advantages of carbon fiber composite materials can also meet the specific needs of some new products. For example, the telescopic manipulator sleeve of the inspection robot, in addition to the ultra-light mass, has won a significant reduction in energy consumption and extended During the working hours of the machine, the good creep properties of carbon fiber composite materials can also adapt well to the working conditions of large temperature changes and harsh weather.

Therefore, as the advantages of carbon fiber are widely recognized, more and more industries are beginning to try to use this advanced composite material as an effective "weapon" for their own quality upgrading, and the demand for carbon fiber continues to expand.


The cost of carbon fiber is very high. Only four companies in the world have mastered this technology, two in the United States, one in Taiwan, and one in Japan. All domestic raw materials are imported, so the various costs plus the price are very high. Let me tell you how to distinguish true and false carbon fiber:

1. The real carbon fiber can clearly feel the fiber by hand, which is obviously different from the imitation carbon fiber and the fake carbon fiber, but the printed pattern is like carbon fiber, the surface is smooth, and the fiber feel is not felt at all.
2. The real fiber can withstand high temperature and can be roasted with an open flame, (the time should not be too long, otherwise it will become brittle), and the fake carbon fiber is a plastic chemical fiber product, and the sign of melting will appear when it is roasted with an open flame.


Carbon fiber is absolutely lighter than wood and steel, and the counterfeit is definitely not as light as it is, and even feels about the same weight as wood. Imitation carbon fiber does not have the light characteristics of carbon fiber but sells for the same high price as carbon fiber.
There is also a kind of high imitation carbon fiber, at best, it is made of glass fiber as the basic material, and then covered with a carbon fiber pattern surface film. Some or spray black directly.
In addition to being light, the biggest feature of carbon fiber is the immutability of its surface shape. The steel plate deforms after collision, but the carbon fiber does not.
The carbon fiber structure is composed of honeycomb-shaped hexagons. When subjected to excessive impact, the hexagons will collapse one by one, looking like tempered glass. The difference is that the tempered glass will be crushed in one piece, while the carbon fiber will partially collapse at the point where the force is applied.
This feature of carbon fiber effectively maintains the overall basic shape of the structure. Its structural feature of one-by-one collapse enhances the ability to withstand impact. Each hexagonal structure at the point of force evenly diffuses the impact energy and absorbs it instantly. .
The weight of carbon fiber is a quarter of the weight of ordinary steel, and its hardness is five times that of steel, reaching about 7 degrees (diamond hardness is ten degrees). (This is why many aircraft use carbon fiber!)

Post time: Aug-14-2021