In the post-epidemic era, focus on the new trend of car mats

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 forced the city to press the pause button. After a long home life and countless news about fighting the epidemic, everyone has a new thinking and understanding of life and life. There is also more attention to health.

The car is the consumer's "second home", and the health of the material of the car mats determines the quality of people's life.


After the outbreak of COVID-19, whether it is the long-maligned car odor problem or the air purification problem, antibacterial and anti-virus have also become the focus of consumers' attention. These will become the new breakthrough direction of "healthy and environmentally friendly car mats".

Although the epidemic has eased, it has had a profound impact on our lives: on the one hand, consumers’ consumption awareness has gradually matured. Before the epidemic, everyone paid little attention to many aspects. Most of them only paid attention to the “visible” brand and design. Consumers in the “post-epidemic era” affected by the epidemic have begun to have higher requirements for “invisible factors” such as safety and quality. On the other hand, the concept of healthy travel is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In addition to removing the mask, driving a private car has become a healthy travel habit for many people.


According to a survey by Cox Automotive, one-third of car owners will consider the "air quality" of the vehicle when buying a car in the future. Taking into account the rising market demand in the future, we have noticed that more and more customers are more and more interested in antibacterial car mat surface materials. The use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly and antibacterial materials for car mats is the general trend of ensuring the health and safety of cars in the post-epidemic era.

TPE formaldehyde-free healthier

At the beginning of the brand establishment, DEAO believed that environmental protection was the primary prerequisite for realizing the value of the car mats after the market. Especially in the special period of the post-epidemic era, it has raised the pursuit of green, environmental protection, health and safety to an unprecedented level.

With an environmental heart, we are committed to the health of car mats.

Traditional car floor mats use chemical sponge materials. Sponge is a chemical product that is directly foamed from TDI benzene, cyanide, foaming agent and other chemicals.

TDI is a highly toxic chemical that is not environmentally friendly during the production process. In addition, it releases toxic and irritating substances during its use, which damages the human respiratory tract and is accompanied by a risk of cancer. It is a product prohibited during the Olympics.

Coupled with the honeycomb structure of the sponge, the organization is tight and airtight. Once water penetrates into the sponge car mats, it is not easy to dry, and it is easy to hold dirt and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Deao TPE environmentally friendly car mats break through traditional materials,It adopts new environmental protection TPE materials specially recognized by high-end automobile manufacturers, safe and non-toxic, does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene, has stable performance, and effectively solves the problem of waterproof and moisture-proof.

From practical car mats to beautiful car mats to healthy car mats, this is an inevitable trend in the development of foot pads, and is also the brand value concept we have been pursuing.


Post time: Dec-28-2020