As the temperature rises, the breath of spring is getting stronger and stronger. Many riders can't bear it anymore and decided to take a self-driving tour to relax. But it happened that no one took care of the dog in the house, so the idea of taking it on a trip came up. But after a trip, I found out that I don’t have to worry about taking it on a trip! There are so many things to pay attention to and prepare...

According to the number of days of the trip, I prepare the items before the trip in advance. Including dog’s main snacks, food utensils, water bottles, etc. For short-haired dogs, appropriate warm clothes should be prepared. At the same time, they should properly prepare daily emergency medicines, such as styptic powder, etc.

As a civilized dog breeder, the identification of the dog and the plastic bag for collecting pet feces are indispensable. Of course, there is the most important leash.


How to prevent dogs from getting dirty and damaging the carriage


1. No water and food before departure

For a dog who is in a car for the first time, there is a possibility of motion sickness. In order to avoid motion sickness and vomiting, dirty the carriage. You should avoid water and food 1 hour before travel. At the same time, it is not allowed to feed the dog before reaching the destination.

2. Use pet car seat or pet cage

In addition, the dog’s paws are very sharp, which may scratch the car seat. For small dogs, we can put them in pet bags and aviation cages. For medium and large dogs, the car pet mat should be prepared in advance.

If you don’t prepare beforehand, you can put towels, cloth, etc. on the seat instead. Try to avoid close contact between the dog's paw and the car seat!

Four points to pay attention to during driving

After finally getting into the car, I realized that there are many things to pay attention to while driving.

1. Pets must be fixed and secure

Doggo is absolutely not allowed to sit next to the co-pilot. Because most dogs are very lively and active, they may harass the driver. And in the process of an accident or sudden braking, pets that are not fixed will fly forward by inertia, causing irreparable trauma.

In addition, dogs running around in the car are likely to accidentally press the buttons in the car. Therefore, the freedom of pets must be restricted in the carriage to ensure the safety of people and pets in the car.

2. The head and claws of pets must not stick out of the window

Dogs are very curious about unknown things. When a car window is opened, the dog’s head and paws are prone to stick out of the window, which can easily cause a traffic accident, and even stage a panic.

3. Avoid leaving pets alone in the carriage

When people leave the car, they should try to avoid leaving their pets alone in the car. In summer, even with the windows open, the temperature inside the car is very high. Moreover, staying in a sealed compartment for a long time can easily cause hypoxia poisoning to dogs. If you have to leave your pet alone in the car, you should shorten the time as much as possible and keep it within 10 minutes.

4. Always remember to leash the dog

Leash is actually a lifeline for dogs. When taking a break at service stations, gas stations, etc., always remember to take the dog leash! Because of the dense traffic, dogs running around are very dangerous for people and cars.

seat cover


Accelerate slowly when driving, decelerate in advance when turning, and do not accelerate quickly when turning, and keep the vehicle ventilated;

Try to be as stable as possible during driving, avoid shaking and sudden braking. In the case of a long distance, stopping the car after a period of time and letting the dog get out of the car to take a rest is helpful to the motion sick dog.

A motion sick dog should eat less before getting in the car, so that the dog's stomach will be more easily uncomfortable, and it will be difficult to clean up when vomiting.

Post time: Feb-25-2021