Musk warns Tesla owners not to rely too much on FSD Beta V9

Tesla has just launched a new test version of its "Fully Automated Driving" (FSD) suite, which is said to enable cars to automatically comply with traffic light rules and change lanes. But the company’s chief executive, Elon Musk, warned car owners to “be vigilant” about unknown problems and avoid over-reliance on this assisted driving technology.


Musk warned Tesla owners in a tweet not to rely too much on its driver assistance system

In the latest tweet, Musk claimed: "Running pre-built software is both work and fun. But the test list is still stagnant, because we have many known issues that need to be fixed. Beta 9 solves most of the known issues. , But there will be unknown problems, so please stay vigilant. At Tesla, safety is always the first priority."

The screenshot taken by the owner Driver@TeslaRaj shows that Tesla's official FSD v9 test version instructions also warn drivers not to trust the driver assistance system too much. The instructions read: "FSD is still in the early limited test stage, you must be careful when using it. In the worst case, it may make the wrong decision, so you must always keep your hands on the steering wheel and pay special attention to the road conditions. . Don't be complacent!"

It is said that Tesla has added many new features in the software update to ensure that this does not happen: For example, if it detects that the driver is not paying attention to the road, Tesla will issue an "audio alert."

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Tesla warned in the instructions that the FSD v9 beta version may sometimes make wrong decisions

Tesla started to provide FSD upgrade services to some Tesla owners last week. Just a few hours later, Tesla owner Chuck Cook posted a video on his YouTube channel showing him driving a Model 3 at 4 in the morning. Cook said that although the graphical interface is smoother, most of the functions remain the same. At the same time, the system failed when trying to pass through a highway intersection divided into six directions.

In another video, early Tesla owner Kim Paquette (Kim Paquette) said that the FSD v9 beta Tesla car successfully turned left at the corner and responded well to pedestrians. Twitter user Whole Mars Catalog also proved that when a child ran into the street, his Tesla automatically stepped on the brakes.

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Tesla owners test FSD v9, showing that they failed to pass complex highway intersections

For more than five years, Musk has been advocating a "fully autonomous driving" package, but an email leaked in March showed that this technology is far from providing hands-free autonomous driving.

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), there are five levels of autopilot. Among them, levels 0 to L2 stipulate that humans must place their hands on the steering wheel to drive the car and supervise some automated functions. In the L3 to L5 level, the vehicle can take on more work, of which the L5 level can achieve "fully autonomous driving" under all traffic and weather conditions.

A document from Tesla's lawyers and the California Department of Motor Vehicles that surfaced in March stated that vehicles using the company's latest beta version of Autosteer on City Street will not exceed the level of L2 autonomous driving. This requires drivers to maintain awareness and control of the brakes, accelerator and steering wheel, despite Musk's promise to achieve "fully autonomous driving" by 2021.

Tesla’s deputy general counsel Eric Williams wrote in an email to the California DMV that Autosteer on City Street continues to firmly support L2 capabilities, according to DMV’s definition , It is not an autonomous driving function.

Williams also stated that the FSD test version cannot identify or react to a series of obstacles, including static objects and road debris, emergency vehicles, construction areas, large uncontrolled intersections with multiple access roads, blockages, and severe weather. , Complicated or antagonistic vehicles on the driving route, and unmarked roads.

He said that this will not change anytime soon. He wrote in December last year: "We expect that this feature will remain basically unchanged when it is fully released to customers in the future. Despite the title of fully autonomous driving, Tesla does not expect to have the entire dynamic driving The responsibility for the task is transferred to the system."

Post time: Jul-20-2021