Pragmatism is supreme, Ford F150 pure electric pickup will be launched next year

The electric product of Ford's F-series pickup truck, the F150 Lightning, is expected to be officially launched in May 2022. As the highest-selling car series in the US market, the Ford F-series pickup truck is also the most profitable car series of the Ford brand. The new electrified products will give the Ford brand more opportunities in the future.

The emergence of F150 Lightning can be said to directly point the finger at Tesla Cybertruck, but unlike the latter, F150 Lightning pays more attention to the practicality required by a pickup truck.

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Due to the electric design, the front trunk of the F150 Lightning has become a large storage space, with a volume of up to 400L, which is enough to store travel luggage for two people. The front trunk space is also waterproofed. The interior is equipped with four power sockets, two USB chargers and a drainable floor, which can meet the needs of a large number of power supply equipment for replenishment or work.

rear pick up
rear pickup

As for the size of the rear compartment of the vehicle, it has not been reduced compared with the normal version. It supports the expansion of the workbench, and its functional performance is no different from that of the fuel version.

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It is worth mentioning that the new car also uses the F-150 fuel version of the Pro Power Onboard system, and increases the maximum output power from 7.2kW to 9.6kW. When the family's power supply is interrupted, the electricity can automatically power the house. Ford said that the capacity of the battery pack is enough to power the family for three days.

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In terms of power system, F150 Lightning has two motors, located at the front and rear, which can realize a standard four-wheel drive system. The maximum power is 563 horsepower, the peak torque exceeds 1000 N·m, and the acceleration time from 0-100km/h is only 4.5. s.

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In terms of vehicle operating costs, due to the blessing of the electric power system, the F150 Lightning's electricity bill is significantly lower than the fuel bill. In the later period, it also avoids internal combustion engine oil replacement and other expenses, and its economic performance is also very outstanding.

Post time: Jul-28-2021