Talking about the function and benefits of modified car spoiler

Modifying the spoiler for your car has now become a way for young car owners to show their stylish personality. Installing a spoiler that is magnificent and beautiful can improve the driving stability of the vehicle. Like some young people who like to play with cars, they often drive their cars to the limit. Therefore, in the face of high-speed driving, it is very necessary to install a spoiler.

The way the spoiler works is to add downforce to the car. If this downforce is too high, stability is achieved, but it also increases the vehicle's fuel consumption. Therefore, when installing the spoiler, the car owner must choose a spoiler that is suitable for the car model. Don't install a spoiler that is too large for aesthetics. So the seemingly simple spoiler installation also has a certain degree of knowledge.

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According to the data, according to the analysis of aerodynamic principles, we know that the car will encounter air resistance during driving. This resistance can be divided into three aspects of longitudinal, lateral and vertical ascent forces, and the air resistance is proportional to the square of the vehicle speed. It is proportional, so the faster the vehicle speed, the greater the air resistance. In general, when the vehicle speed exceeds 60km/h, the impact of air resistance on the vehicle is very obvious.

In order to effectively reduce and overcome the impact of air resistance when the car is running at high speed, people design and use the car spoiler. Its function is to make the air produce the fourth force on the car, that is, the adhesion to the ground, which can offset part of the lift. , Control the car to float up, reduce the influence of wind resistance, make the car close to the road, and improve the driving stability.

When watching F1 races, we will find that fixed wind wings are installed on the front and rear of the F1 car. They provide nearly 60% of the downforce for the car body, thus ensuring that the tires have enough grip to maintain the stability of the car body at high speeds.

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In addition to improving driving stability, installing a spoiler also helps to save fuel. Driving on general roads, the reduction in fuel consumption may not be obvious. If driving at a speed of 120km/h or more on the highway, the role of the car spoiler will be obvious at this time. But generally speaking, it is not recommended to install a spoiler on a small-displacement car, because the spoiler is mainly used to increase the stability of the body, which is very important for a large-displacement car, but the installation of a small-displacement car is exaggerated. The spoiler will affect the speed of the car.

In addition to cars, small spoilers are also installed on the rear of the roof of some station wagons. These spoilers make part of the air flow on the roof flow through the surface of the rear window, so that the lift of the rear of the vehicle can be achieved. Lowering, the airflow can also be used to remove floating dust on the surface of the rear window to prevent dust from affecting the rear vision of the car.



There are many types of spoilers on the market. If you divide them by material, there are three main types of spoilers on the market: One is the original glass fiber reinforced plastic spoiler, which is relatively close to the line of the body. The second is the aluminum alloy spoiler, which feels more exaggerated, but the diversion effect is good, and the price is moderate, but the weight is slightly heavier than other materials. The best spoiler material is a carbon fiber spoiler. It is a perfect combination of high rigidity and high durability. It is widely used in F1 racing cars. It is not only light in weight, but also the most beautiful spoiler.

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Some of the spatial position of the spoiler can be adjusted. The adjustment methods are divided into manual and automatic. Among them, the automatic adjustment type has more hydraulic columns, which can automatically adjust the angle of the spoiler according to the vehicle speed. It is generally recommended that consumers choose the manual adjustment type. The hydraulic automatic adjustment type is not only more expensive, but also not as convenient as the manual type.

Many people think that the bigger the spoiler, the better. actually not! In addition to the aesthetic effect of installing the spoiler, the greater effect is to provide the necessary stability for the car at high speed. Since most cars are mainly driven on urban roads, the vehicles simply cannot reach the speed at which the spoiler can function. The larger the volume, the greater the low-speed resistance. In addition, many car owners install aluminum alloy spoilers. The increase in overall weight will inevitably lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, this is not worth the gain. Choosing a spoiler that is decent, beautiful and practical is the essence of modification.


There are many styles of spoilers for cars on the market. The spoilers on racing cars are relatively high. This is to make the airflow directly act on the spoiler, so that the downforce generated by the airflow will not act on the body again and be offset. Because of its effect, the spoiler must be installed away from the surface of the car body.

Some wagons have spoilers installed at the rear of the roof, so that part of the airflow on the roof is guided to flow over the surface of the rear window, which can reduce the lift of the rear of the vehicle, and the airflow can also be used to remove dust on the surface of the rear window. , To avoid dust adhesion affecting the rear vision of the car.

Many ordinary cars are also equipped with spoilers. Because the speed of these cars is not very high, it is difficult for the spoilers to play a practical role, and beautifying the appearance of the car body has become the biggest purpose of installing spoilers.

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The spoiler and spoiler were born to solve the problems of airflow and buoyancy. The spoilers we have seen are all sorts and weird. However, they have the same characteristics: the surface is narrow and the horizontal plane is installed away from the body; if the spoiler is installed close to the body, if it not only plays a decorative role, it only serves as a spoiler. The main function of the spoiler is to increase downforce, so the shape of the spoiler must be like an inverted wing. This design will make the air flow through the lower end of the spoiler faster than the upper end of the spoiler , Resulting in downforce.

Another way to generate downforce is to tilt the front end of the spoiler slightly downwards. Although this design produces greater air tension than a horizontal spoiler, it is more flexible in terms of adjusting the amount of downforce. . For the spoiler, it is connected to the rear of the car as a whole, or simply part of the overall design of the body.

The rear spoiler can actually be used to create downforce, but the common function is still to reduce buoyancy and air pull. The rear spoiler of the hatchback gathers a large amount of air in front of the spoiler, the purpose is to separate the airflow at the rear of the car, thereby reducing the buoyancy. The rear spoiler can also make the air flow more smoothly through the rear of the car, preventing the air from lingering or clinging to the rear of the car for a long time. In this way, it can reduce the air tension and at the same time reduce the air pressure under the car that causes buoyancy. 

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