Tesla is becoming more and more like Apple: Tesla has more accessories than iPhone

The first time Apple users get the iPhone, I am afraid it is the film + mobile phone case, and then various accessories. There are both official ones and third-party ones. There are accessories for protection and accessories that give full play to the functions of the iPhone.

Now, Tesla is getting more and more iPhones. Note that it’s not that its sales are overwhelming competitors in the US market. The US single market ranks first in the global sales of electric vehicles. It’s the accessories that Tesla buyers want to buy, more than iPhones. need more. Let's take a look at recommended necessary accessories and functional accessories for Tesla.

Essential accessories-"membrane"

It was discovered that Tesla has at least three places where “film” needs to be applied.

Central control screen

The first one is of course the large horizontal screen in the center console. Although this large screen is very cool to use, it will also encounter the same problem as the iPhone screen-the fingerprint collector. Therefore, like the iPhone, Tesla owners need a tempered film.

The screen is affixed with a tempered film, which can reduce fingerprints and screen reflections, and will not affect the responsiveness of the touch screen. It can not only improve the owner's experience, but also protect the screen from scratches, thereby helping the car to maintain its value.

Door sill chrome trim

Tesla's second automatic filming is the chrome-plated decorative strip on the threshold. According to Tesla's experience, this chrome-plated decorative strip is easily scratched, so it needs to be protected.

Center console

The Tesla center console package is made of piano lacquer, which is also a way that luxury brand cars like to use to create a sense of luxury. However, this piano lacquer is also a fingerprint collector. Therefore, a group of suppliers began to customize packages for the Tesla console.

Wireless mobile phone charger

Mobile phones began to popularize wireless charging technology, adding a charging pad to the center console to make it more convenient to charge mobile phones in Tesla. After all, Tesla's mobile phone charging setting experience is not very good.

Center console

Nowadays, many luxury brands like to provide brand logo projection lights in the door position. It is a pity that Tesla, as a civilian-level electric car, does not provide it. However, it does not matter, there is nothing that can’t be solved.

Portable air pump

Portable air pumps are actually useful for every car owner, but Tesla owners may need it even more, because maintaining the recommended tire pressure can get the best cruising range. Of course, if you like comfort to exceed the cruising range, you can follow Musk's suggestion and let it go.

Fast tire repair kit

This is also an accessory that every car owner needs, but it is even more important for Tesla because it does not have a spare tire. Although road rescue is very convenient now, it is necessary to have a quick tire kit if you are not afraid of ten thousand.

Sun visor

Tesla’s large-size front windshield design is also stunning, allowing users to get a good view during driving.

However, in a sunny place, it may not be so friendly. The harsh sunlight will not only affect the observation of the road. When parking in the open air, the center console will be exposed to the sun, and the view needs a windshield sun visor.

Car mat

Car mats can be said to be bought by all car owners. Our car mats are made of environmentally friendly TPE material, which has good elasticity, resilience and shrinkage, abrasion resistance and weather resistance. It can protect the floor, and there is a well-designed exclusive grid pattern.

Accessory business opportunities are unlimited

Tesla's necessary accessories and functional accessories are also applicable to other Tesla models. What do you think of when you see this? Did you not subscribe to Tesla yet or did you see the unlimited business opportunities mentioned above? We must know how huge the iPhone accessory industry chain is.

Now, Tesla is rapidly increasing the volume, and the demand for accessories increases with the increase in the inventory. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and seize the business opportunity. This is a good opportunity to make a fortune. iPhone accessories have made so many people rich. Tesla accessories also have this potential.

With more and more accessories now officially launched, Tesla has been on the road to transform from an electric car manufacturer to a manufacturer of accessories.

Post time: May-20-2021