Tesla Model S Plaid is probably the best all-round car ever

At the new car launch conference, Elon Musk repeatedly emphasized: Model S Plaid is the best car in the world. The power exceeds 1000 horsepower, and the maximum cruising range exceeds 600 kilometers;
To be honest, although the appearance of Model S Plaid has not changed much, it can be regarded as a milestone for the automotive industry in terms of performance, interior design and human-computer interaction.

model s

The biggest change and the most controversial part of the new Model S lies in its interior: all mechanical buttons have been eliminated, and the square steering wheel appeared for the first time in mass-produced models.

Recently, Tesla held the first batch of Model S Plaid new car test drives in the United States. Let's take a look at what the UP owner @Tesla Raj on the tubing said after the experience.


The design is very radical, the experience is hard to say
Regarding the question of how to move the vehicle forward, we finally saw the complete operation logic in the video: step on the brake pedal, slide down to the left side of the center control screen to reverse, slide up to unlock, ah no, slide up to move forward, and then step on the brakes. A parking block will appear.
And with the support of AMD, the reversing image switching is also very smooth.
In order to avoid the embarrassment of the black screen of the central control causing the vehicle to be unable to drive, Tesla engineers also set up a traditional backup touch-sensitive shift interface behind the central storage tank. This time Tesla is finally smarter.


Will Tesla be the best in the future?
It is conceivable that Model S Plaid has provided many "traditional car companies" with a lot of new ideas. In the near future, we may see a large number of square steering wheel models on the market, and the operation of sliding shift seems to be also Seductive enough.

Technically speaking, there is no difficulty in implementing these "tricks" of Model S Plaid in the car, but how to make top-level planning from the perspective of a future product manager is what makes Musk different from ordinary people.

Post time: Aug-26-2021