Tesla model3 changed to upgrade wheels

In the new energy vehicle market, the Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly one of the hottest models at the moment. Its monthly sales volume exceeded 10,000, making it the spotlight. Last month’s sales exceeded 20,000. Among the reasons, in addition to having a very high cost performance, excellent performance is also an important factor.


Tesla Model 3 standard endurance upgrade version 0-100km/h acceleration is only 5.6 seconds, the pure electric range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reaches 468km, which can already meet most of the daily use requirements; the long-endurance rear-wheel drive version is 0-100km/h The acceleration is only 5.3 seconds, the cruising range has reached 668 kilometers, and the convenience of long-distance driving is basically the same as that of traditional fuel vehicles. The PERFORMANCE high-performance version accelerates to 100 kilometers in only 3.4 seconds, which has reached the level of super running.

model 3

Although the performance of Tesla Model 3 is quite strong, it is very "buying food" in terms of styling and design. If it's not for Tesla's performance, passers-by would really think this is an "ordinary grocery shopping cart." Therefore, for Tesla Model 3 owners, upgrading their cars and presenting the sporty breath that should be there seems to be an indispensable task.

As the saying goes, "Change the car first, change the bell", a good set of wheels is the first step for many car enthusiasts to play modification. Especially for new energy electric vehicles such as Tesla, the original body design pays special attention to wind resistance, and the body is not suitable for making too many appearance kit changes. The wheel modification is even more important. The original 18-inch wheels of the Tesla Model 3 have also been designed to reduce wind resistance. However, the original "plastic" wheel covers are indeed downgraded and look a bit ugly, similar to Tesla's sports. The performance is unmatched, so many Model 3 owners will upgrade the wheel hubs first after buying a car.

Wheel hub

However, for electric vehicles, upgrading suitable wheels is not a casual thing. In addition to considering wind resistance, the strength of the wheels must also be paid attention to, especially for high-power and high-torque rear drives like Model 3. For a car model, if the wheels are modified cheaply, the wheels are often broken, which affects driving safety.

In addition, many car owners may overlook one point when refitting the wheels, that is, the weight of the car. Although the Tesla Model 3 is similar in size to the Honda Civic, its entry-level version has a curb weight of 1745kg, while the Civic is only 1305kg, which is almost 8 adults' weight. In fact, the weight of the Tesla Model 3 is the same as that of the Ford Escape four-wheel drive version, which also requires higher load-bearing capacity of the wheels. If the wheels are retrofitted with ordinary cars, under long-term high-load use, It is also easy to cause safety problems such as cracking of the wheel hub.


For owners of new energy electric vehicles, they will basically not modify them substantially, but will choose more practical and small upgrades. The same is true for this Tesla Model 3. After the owner simply upgrades a set of wheels, the overall visual effect of the vehicle and the sense of grade have been significantly improved. At the same time, lighter and higher-strength wheels have also improved the dynamic response and safety performance of the vehicle, allowing the sports performance of the Tesla Model 3 coupe to be fully demonstrated.

Post time: May-28-2021