Tesla released a major facelift, Model S Plaid, which is as different as ever

Currently the fastest mass-produced electric car

Today, Tesla officially released Model S Plaid, and it was also a delivery ceremony. Excited Musk specifically brushed a track out of the Fremont factory, and then drove directly to the stage.

Two days ago, Musk just announced the cancellation of the Plaid+ version. The reason was that Plaid was fast enough and good enough. There is no need for another plus. For the first time, he took a step back on the road of showing awesome. Of course, there are many reasons behind it, but more importantly, is Plaid already strong enough?

model s plaid

Musk excitedly stated that this is currently the fastest mass-produced car in the world. It uses three permanent magnet motors in the front, one and two in the rear, and the latest carbon sleeve rotor protective cover. It abandons the combination of front induction and rear permanent magnets. It can have 1020 horsepower, a top speed of 322km/h, a 0-60 mile acceleration time of 1.99 seconds, a zero-hundred acceleration of 2.1 seconds, and a quarter mile acceleration of 9.23 seconds.

s plaid

In Musk’s words, “faster than any Porsche and safer than any Volvo”. Indeed, they are almost catching up with the Roadster 2, which has been in childbirth for 4 years. In addition, the previous Plaid+ version has a battery life of more than 800km. After the cancellation, the now released Plaid uses a brand new battery pack with a battery life of 624km, which is enough. It is also equipped with a heat pump air-conditioning and cooling system. It can be charged for 300km in 15 minutes at low temperature. In weather, the battery life can be increased by 30%.

models plaid

The interior changes we mentioned just now use a 17-inch central control screen and 12.3 inches LCD instrument, but the most noticeable thing is the horseshoe-shaped steering wheel. The main reason Musk gave is to prevent the traditional steering wheel. The upper edge blocks the line of sight, and of course it is also paving the way for the ultimate fully automatic driving. After all, Musk doesn't want you to drive well, and everything has Autopilot.

But at the same time, such a Model S does not require a physical shift lever and any physical buttons. Even the shift lever and turn signals behind the steering wheel have also been cancelled and integrated into the steering wheel by Tesla. At that time, we thought that if the lights and wipers could be solved, it seemed difficult to have a reasonable plan for the change of the gear shift mechanism.


A new interactive experience in the car

The 17-inch central control screen in the car has a resolution of 2200×1300. The new UI and touch control methods have been greatly upgraded, making the Model S system more like a tablet computer. The icons of frequently used applications are set at the bottom of the screen. Now the application opening is more like a card. You can zoom in/out, hold and drag the application, not just click and touch, it is much more flexible and vivid than the original.

In addition, Model S Plaid's car machine can have game capabilities comparable to PS5. AMD has previously confirmed that the new 2021 Tesla Model S and Model X have introduced the RDNA 2 GPU architecture, which has 10TFLOPS of computing power, so it is enough to run on the car’s 17-inch screen, including "Cyberpunk 2077". The game also supports compatible gamepads. You seem to have another reason not to go home.

With better screens and chips, the Model S Plaid car’s audio system has also been fully upgraded. It has 22 speakers, active noise reduction, and a power of 920W. It is a mid-to-high-end configuration. In addition, the car also adds front and rear wireless charging, USB-C charging and multi-device Bluetooth connection.

model plaid

The air-conditioning outlet behind the central armrest box is also equipped with an 8-inch touch screen. The rear row can now visually adjust the air-conditioning like the front row. You can also watch movies and play games. Moreover, the second row of seats has been redesigned. The front seats are more forward, leaving more space for the rear row, and the headroom is more spacious, making the experience of the rear row more comfortable.


Post time: Jun-18-2021