Tesla shares rose 8.6% on Tuesday, the market value has returned to 700 billion dollars

Tesla's stock price, which has continued to rise since November last year, did not perform well after February this year. It exceeded US$880 at the beginning of February, but fell to US$563 at the close of the market on March 8. The market value has also shrunk significantly. Fortunately, the performance since March 29 has been fairly satisfactory. It returned to over 700 USD on Monday, and it also rose sharply on Tuesday.

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At the close of the US stock market on Tuesday, Tesla reported US$762.32, an increase of US$60.34, or 8.6%, from US$701.98 at the close of the previous trading day.

After the stock price rose, Tesla's market value has also increased significantly. At the closing price on Tuesday, Tesla's market value is $731.16 billion, an increase of $57.918 billion from the $673.798 billion at the close of the previous trading day.

It is worth noting that Tesla has announced that they will release the first quarter's financial report on April 26. With the production and delivery of electric vehicles reaching new highs, their first quarter revenue is also expected to hit a new high. Driven by this positive, Tesla's stock price is expected to continue to rise for some time to come.

Post time: Apr-14-2021