Tesla’s sales in the U.S. increased by 104%, while the U.S. auto industry dropped by 22%

Recently, according to a report from cleantechnica, the US auto industry has experienced a difficult year. Although the country is gradually getting rid of the crisis brought about by COVID-19, sales have dropped significantly.
Interestingly, Tesla is bucking the trend. In the third quarter, compared with the third quarter of 2020, Tesla sales in the United States increased by 67%, while overall US car sales fell by 13%. Compared with 2019, the difference is even more pronounced. Tesla's sales increased by 104%, while US car sales fell by 22%.
Tesla is not the only company to increase sales in the United States, but it is one of the few companies, and it is much higher than other companies. The following are the changes from the third quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2021:

us auto sales change
us auto sales

As you can see, the sales of BMW, Lexus and Kia increased by 9%, 8% and 7% respectively. Hyundai and Volvo each rose 4%.
In terms of sales, Tesla's sales increased by nearly 40,000. (In addition, please note that these sales are actually delivery and bill sales, and due to strong demand and limited supply, the delivery schedule is increasingly delayed. The recently ordered Model Y is expected to be delivered in April 2022). Kia Motors rose by 12,000, Hyundai Motors rose by nearly 8,000, BMW and Lexus each rose by about 6,000. If you add up the sales growth of each car manufacturer, instead of declining, you will find that Tesla's sales growth has not been as high.
At the same time, the sales of many automakers are declining year by year. In terms of sales, Chevrolet and Ford (reducing 162,392 and 140,437 respectively) bear the brunt. In terms of percentages, Fiat and Chrysler (two sister companies) had the largest declines (64% and 51%, respectively). But there is a long list of companies that are losing money.

How does the third quarter of 2021 compare to the third quarter of 2019?

2019 changes

In this comparison, the result is more extreme. Compared with the third quarter of 2019, Tesla increased by 104% in the third quarter of 2021, Volvo increased by 16%, Kia increased by 12%, Lexus increased by 10%, Porsche increased by 9%, and Alfa Romeo increased by 9%. 5%, Hyundai Motor’s growth rate is 3%. All other automakers fell. In terms of percentages, Fiat (-83%), Infiniti (-57%), Dodge (-53%), Chrysler (-48%), Cadillac (-44) suffered the most losses. %) and Chevrolet (-43%).


Finally, as a whole, the kind of data that many headlines focus on is reflected in the following two charts.


As you can see, the overall U.S. automobile market in the third quarter of 2021 has fallen by 13% compared to the third quarter of 2020, and has fallen by 22% compared to the third quarter of 2019. Of course, although the overall market has fallen sharply, some car brands have risen sharply, such as Tesla.

Post time: Oct-22-2021