The subtle design that is not easily noticeable on the car

Today, let’s talk about some subtle designs on cars that you don’t usually pay attention to. Some of these small details are thoughtful, some are very interesting, and some are well-intentioned, but you may not notice it all the time.

Smart key memory

Modern cars are generally equipped with two keys to prevent the embarrassment of being unable to open the door after one key is lost. This is just a basic function, because some luxury cars have some extensions to it. For example, Lincoln MDX, when two drivers with different body shapes use different keys to start the car and start driving, the car will remember the driving habits of the driver holding the different keys, such as the angle of the rearview mirror, the sitting position of the seat, etc. When the secondary driver uses different keys to unlock the door, the vehicle will automatically adjust some settings of the vehicle according to the previously stored memory to facilitate different drivers to obtain the optimal driving environment.


Of course, many cars now have a seat memory function, but this two-key two-experience design is still quite new. It solves many contradictions between potbellied fathers and sons about car use habits, and it is very practical. Unfortunately, only high-end cars can enjoy it.

However, some ordinary vehicles also have an extended design for the two keys. For example, when you drop the spare key in the trunk, you will not be able to lock it anyway, and it will pop up even if it is firmly pressed down and fastened. This is a relatively simple design. Although it is not as tall as a smart key, it still feels quite intimate.

Surprise in the storage box

Speaking of a small detail design of an egg, this design is considered to be a small detail. You would never think that in a car with a million yuan level, the designer will put on the flip cover of the rear storage compartment , The ribs that strengthen the strength of the plastic parts are designed into the shape of a spider web.

The surprise is that a designer printed a small spider on it. For the children sitting in the last row, this little fun is not something that every car will have. Seeing this, have you thought of what kind of car it is? The answer is Volvo XC90.

storage box
storage box

Car headrest

Many people must think that Hyundai's original intention of designing headrests is to make the driver more comfortable. In fact, the original intention of the design is actually for safety. You must know that early car seats did not have headrests. Nowadays, with the development of the automobile industry, cars are getting faster and faster. As a result, the damage to people when a collision occurs is also increasing. The appearance of the headrest is to suppress the continued movement of the head of the occupants in the car due to inertia when the car suddenly stops due to a collision at high speed.

car headrest

Another point is that modern cars will leave an angle at the joint between the headrest and the seat. This angle is used to protect the cervical spine. The reason is the same as above, but also because when encountering emergency braking, the head starts to swing backwards after leaning forward, and this angle is to leave a cushion for the cervical spine. However, many car owners now place neck pillows here, completely distorting the designer's original intention.

Rest pedal for left foot

The rest pedal for the left foot is the same as the headrest of a car. It did not exist in the early days. At first I thought it was the manual transmission of the early cars. I couldn’t get my feet busy in traffic jams, so I didn’t need this design. in this way. Because even when you are driving a manual transmission model, you still need to find a suitable position for your left foot, you can't always put it on the clutch pedal.

rest padel

And for novices, they will unconsciously put their left foot on the clutch pedal when they just drive, which will cause a slight semi-linkage, which will cause a lot of wear and tear on the clutch plate over time, and the clutch is prone to failure. And when it is necessary to accelerate quickly, because the clutch cannot be fully engaged, it will cause power loss, affect acceleration, and cause safety hazards. The way to solve this problem is to take the initiative to find a position for the left foot, or take the initiative to find something to do for the left foot, and a small pedal perfectly solves the problem, and the designers are also well-intentioned.

Double backup wiper system

There is a scene that everyone is familiar with, that is, once a car is involved in a dangerous traffic accident in a film and television drama, the wiper of the front windshield will start to work quickly if the car does not explode. You will think this phenomenon is Did the driver make a mistake? Actually it is not. The wiper system seems to be a simple switch to control the reciprocating movement of the wiper, but it is an important part of vehicle safety.


For example, in the case of extreme rain, it is very terrible if the wiper system stops working, so in order to avoid this situation, car designers add redundant design to it, that is, a set of circuit control is backed up. system. When the body electronic controller loses its ability to control the speed of the wiper or stops working, another independent control system will control the wiper at the highest speed according to the state of the wiper turned on, so the movie and TV series will appear. One scene. This doesn't seem to be the designer's job, it's the engineer's job, but I still feel the designer's good intentions.

To say more, the wiper of some models will automatically slow down when the vehicle is parked and waiting for a red light, even when the rainfall has not changed. I don’t know what the designer’s original intention is. Is it because he wants the driver to calm down and enjoy the rain scene? This idea is really interesting for the designer.

Car antenna

Having said that, the car antenna is really a hidden design. Have you noticed that on car bodies in recent years, you can no longer see the standing car antenna, even if it is, it is just a small shape similar to a shark fin, and it is completely invisible on more models? To the traces of the antenna. So the question is, where did the car antenna go?

The answer is that the antenna is attached to the rear window glass. Since the car shell is made of metal, it is obviously unscientific to stick the antenna on the car skin, so we had to stick it with the defrost line of the rear window. In fact, there are many advantages of such a design. For example, the additional wind noise caused by a separate external antenna is gone, and it has a longer service life than an external antenna that is blown and sunburned, and multiple antennas can be arranged based on the area of ​​the rear window. , Provide better signal reception.

Post time: Jul-01-2021