Car floor mat is a device that almost every car owner will add to their car, because it can play a lot of roles in the driving process. It can not only beautify the interior, but also increase the friction between the shoes and the floor. The driver is more comfortable and safer when driving.

Car Floor Mats

Since the car mats are close to the brake and throttle, if the car mats slide and shift, they will get stuck on the brakes or throttle, which will affect driving safety. Part of the cause of car accidents in Toyota's famous "Acceleration Door" was car mats. In August 2009, 45-year-old Sayler, California, took a family of four and drove a rented Lexus to watch a football game. Unfortunately, the car accidentally accelerated and could not brake. Eventually, a car accident occurred at a high speed and no one survived. Before the accident, 911 had received a call for help from them: "We are in a Lexus, we are heading northward at a speed of 125 miles, and the throttle is stuck and cannot brake..."

So don't look at the car mats are not eye-catching, but they play a lot of roles, so what kind of mats should we choose? Understand the following points to help you choose a car mat suitable for your car.

MODEL Y car mat


In today's automobile market, there are usually two types of car mats, one is universal and the other is specific. The versatility can be used for common vehicles, but it will not fit the original car more or less. For the special type, as the name suggests, it is a customized car mat for a special car. This car foot pad is not only fit but also more versatile than versatility. Beautiful and more distinctive. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing car mats, you must first consider specific foot pads, and do not buy versatility cheaply. Even if it takes advantage, it will increase the hidden dangers of driving.


Like different vehicles, there will be certain differences in the position of the car mats. If the car mats are too large or too small, they will easily cause displacement during the braking process. If you happen to step on the brakes at this time, If you move the pedal, it will cause an accident. At the same time, the non-slip design is also essential. The slippery car mats not only make the owner uncomfortable to use, but also may cause the accelerator brake to be stuck due to slippage. When purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the car mat has multiple embedded anti-skid buckles to prevent the car mat from shifting, and also design anti-skid pedals and anti-skid particles on the driver.

In addition, some car owners like to put a few more mats on the car mats, it feels more comfortable to step on, and even if the top one is dirty, it can be replaced with the bottom one. You will also feel that it protects the original car mats and forms a way of mutual use. But this kind of operation is actually not much protection. On the contrary, it will also have a certain impact on the braking performance and acceleration performance of the car. If it falls off unfortunately, it will also affect its driving safety.


Depending on the manufacturer, the material of the car mat can be different. There are a dozen kinds of materials for car mats, and car mats of different materials have different characteristics. As car owners become more and more important to the health of the car, from the seat to the car mat, environmental protection is undoubtedly the first element of future car supplies! The material is related to your health. If the material is not environmentally friendly, and the air conditioner is turned on in the hot summer cabin, every breath of the air will be contaminated by the foot pads, which will inevitably have a negative impact on the body in the long term, so the primary sense is smell No smell, secondly, no toxic materials can be used in the material. With the development of the first generation of TPE car mats by BMW of Germany, after market improvements and innovations, TPE car mats are now the mainstream choice in the European and American markets!

Finally, when purchasing car mats, it is best to purchase and install them from regular channels. The main function of the car mat is to protect the floor of our vehicle from being worn and soiled. The car mat seems to be a trivial existence, but it is indispensable, and it may affect our driving safety during driving, so we must choose a car mat suitable for our own car model. When matting, more consideration should be given to safety and practicality.

Post time: Jan-22-2021