What accessories can I buy for Tesla modification?

It is undeniable that Tesla's models are very advanced in design, but design and practicality often stand on opposite sides of the contradiction. Since Tesla entered thousands of households, there have been endless refitting accessories on the market. Some of these accessories can indeed solve the lack of experience, but some can be said to be useless and even affect driving safety.

We took stock of some popular Tesla accessories on e-commerce platforms and told you which ones you can buy.

Many car owners add car floor mats to their cars after buying a new car. Car floor mats are an inconspicuous item on the car. Some car owners generally don’t pay too much attention to buying a set of them, but they don’t know. Inappropriate car mats have an impact on driving safety, and serious traffic accidents can also be caused. Inferior car mats can also threaten people’s health.

Compared with the traditional production process of car mats, TPE mats can be molded into one-piece injection molding, eliminating the use of additives such as glue, so that the mat materials are not affected by foreign objects, so there is no peculiar smell and no irritation to the human body. TPE also has a good waterproof effect, it can be directly washed with water, and it is more convenient to take care of. At the same time, it has a curved small high side and a diversion groove design, which can effectively prevent water stains from pouring in the car.


Tesla's panoramic sunroof is cool but very troublesome. When the hot summer arrives, the trouble will come. Tesla with a panoramic sunroof will have a higher temperature in the car than a car without a panoramic sunroof. The heat penetrates the panoramic glass sunroof to reach the car, and can only be cooled by lowering the temperature of the air conditioner, causing the passengers in the car to feel the bad feeling of cold and hot. There is strong sunlight at noon, and outdoor parking will quickly heat up the car, accelerate the aging of the car interior, and prone to double pedal failure. Inferior film will easily cause uneven heating of the sunroof, which poses a great risk. High-quality film has a certain heat insulation effect, but it will also absorb a large amount of heat radiation, causing the overhead glass to become hot.

The sunroof sunshade can insulate the heat from the sunroof, shading and sunscreen, and reduce the temperature. By blocking 2/3 of the solar heat load, the sunshade can be installed to effectively reduce the temperature inside the car. The selected polymer interwoven mesh double-layer fabric is very elastic , Thick mesh surface, upgraded memory manganese steel frame, after heat treatment to strengthen the performance, bending does not deform, can be easily folded for storage, when you take it out of the storage bag can instantly restore the original shape. Upgraded car curtain special frosted buckle, converted to Tesla sun visor design, further reduce the volume, provide stronger support, easier to install.


Tesla's large central control screen is an iconic central control design. Tesla can be regarded as a subversive work on the automotive industry. The car adopts minimalist interior design and basically cancels the hardware button operation, and even the standard car instruments on all cars no longer exist. Almost all functional operations are brought together on the large central control screen in the car. All operations only need to tap and swipe on the big screen to quickly complete the operations.

It stands to reason that the central control screen is not like a mobile phone that has the risk of falling or scratching at all times, but for insurance purposes, many people still choose to put on a tempered film for peace of mind. One of the representative groups is Model 3 owners. The original car is mold-opened, the edges are polished to create a rounded apartment, smooth to the touch, without scratching the screen, with a hydrophobic oil layer on the surface, which reduces the adhesion rate of oily fingerprints, is thinner than ordinary tempered film, restores the texture of the bare screen, the principle of physical static electricity, automatically adsorbs to the navigation Simple and convenient on the screen.


For the car phone holder, its base is the most important. This is the criterion for judging whether a phone holder is useful. Only a strong base can support a stable state of a phone. Therefore, when we look at the phone holder, The first thing to understand is its base. Its base can be tightly clamped with the car body, it will not hurt the car body without glue, and will not fall off. Only applicable to Tesla models from 18-19.


Post time: Mar-19-2021