What are the modification techniques for novices?

Most of the novices have limited funds, so it is very important to know the direction of their modification. Moreover, refitting must mean "breaking the original balance", so there are often situations in which the car gets worse and worse after spending wronged money. As a partner of a "former" refitting shop, I can tell you how to make choices in refitting and spend less money to achieve the results you want.

Recommended Modification Directions First of all, the modification directions on the market are divided into two categories: manipulation and appearance modification. Most of the modification of the control type will sacrifice a certain degree of comfort in exchange for better braking performance, heat dissipation effect, acceleration performance, etc., of which there is another branch of the modification of the control type, that is, the modification of the engine output performance. The appearance modification itself also has a partial impact on the handling (aerodynamics). Taking into account the novice's modification funds, the actual performance of the vehicle, and the driving environment, most of the appearance modification did not give full play to the desired effect. , Just as an embellishment of the whole vehicle atmosphere. Let's talk about the above-mentioned modification directions.

modification car

Maneuverability modification

Brake effect modification Manipulative modification first recommends upgrading the brake system. The upgrade here is not "brake calipers sprayed in red, regardless of the braking effect", but the money is spent on the blade. Enhance the actual braking effect of the car. Facts have proved that whether it is normal driving on the highway or intense driving on the track, the excellent braking effect always allows the driver to have more maneuverable space in the face of emergencies and reduce the probability of dangerous accidents. The braking effect is also allocated according to the ratio of capital investment. Brake fluid & oil pipe & brake steel hose: The oil pipe improves the foot feel very obviously, which can effectively enhance the driver's confidence and proficiency in the control of the car. A good brake fluid has a higher boiling point and provides excellent viscosity under high temperature conditions. Brake pads: things that can actually reduce the braking distance. Like brake fluid, products that deal with higher temperature conditions are more expensive. The ones used in competitions can generally cope with 800 degrees, and the 400 degrees used in streets is enough.

Brake Disc: A good brake disc can reduce the brake pad wear while reducing the braking distance. At the same time, it will be coated with an anti-rust coating, which can extend the service life of the entire brake system. In addition to ensuring the braking effect, the scoring groove setting of the brake disc can also assist in heat dissipation and reduce noise. In terms of service life, it is a retrofit worth investing in.


Brake calipers: directly affect the heat dissipation effect of the brake, brake strength, dustproof effect and so on. Calipers and brake discs are often the most expensive products in the entire brake system, and they are also the most obvious feedback on the braking effect. Generally, novices have a limited budget and rarely change to this level. B. Suspension system modification The most intuitive feedback of the suspension system is that when cornering, the body roll becomes smaller, which reduces the transfer of the center of gravity load, further strengthens the gripping ability of the external tires, and also enhances the driver's control confidence. Generally, there are two main types of modification for the suspension. The short spring can be changed for economical ones, and the whole set of shock absorbers can be replaced for the overall effect and adjustability.


Short spring: You can directly change the height of the vehicle and the hardness of the rebound, but you cannot adjust the damping. And because the setting of the shock absorber is changed, there is a certain possibility of damage to the tube core, which will sacrifice the durability of the original shock absorber.

Shock absorber: It is a better solution than a short spring, and the same price is also up. It is worth noting that the sporty shock absorber has a good filterability when facing some gravel roads and small potholes, but it will sacrifice when facing big pits and high speed bumps. Many comforts. In contrast, on highways with better road conditions, sports suspension performance is more stable, but it enhances comfort. 


Body reinforcement

No matter how hard the material is, it will deform to a certain extent when facing the action of force. And the slight deformation actually helps filter out the feedback from the road surface and help improve comfort. The body reinforcements of general civilian cars are mainly located in the engine compartment and rear suspension. The main products are the engine compartment roof bar and the rear anti-roll bar. Both of them are used to reduce the deformation of the front and rear bodies and enhance the car’s performance in corners. Oneness. Personally, it is not recommended for novices and street-oriented cars to modify reinforcements, because it will make the body hard. Although the directionality of corners has been significantly improved, a lot of comfort will be sacrificed.


Appearance modification

Finally, it has the appearance that the masses love to hear. The above mentioned are the hardcore and low-key "Sleeper" style. It is said that novices look at the surround when refitting, and veterans look at the brakes. This is the truth. The vast majority of novice modification is still based on the premise of satisfying individuality and vanity.

Body color change

This kind of modification is mainly based on film, after all, the cost of spraying paint to change the color is high and it cannot be restored. The mainstream color change styles on the market include the black samurai style and matte style. This type of style mainly pays attention to "reduce variegated colors", which means to avoid more than three colors on the body at the same time, usually two are the best. There are also some color schemes that pay tribute to well-known racing cars, such as the recent popular Porsche pink pig painting.

body color

Wheel style

Try to buy models with larger original wheels when buying a car. The large wheels also help to put down a larger brake system, and the lightweight design helps reduce body weight, increase acceleration and reduce braking distance. Theoretically, wheel modification should belong to the performance category, but without changing the size, the effect is not obvious, and it is classified into the appearance category. An excellent and classic wheel style brings a very obvious improvement in atmosphere, and there is always one that can poison you.

Post time: Apr-02-2021