What is the use of a car window sunshield? Why are so many people installing?

Nowadays, the auto parts on the market are becoming more and more abundant, with a variety of accessories appearing. Some accessories are tasteless for car owners, and some accessories are very practical for car owners. Today, the main car accessories are cars. I believe this accessory is the most common thing you will encounter on the road.


The rain cover, as the name suggests, is used to block the rain and the sun, but the most important thing is to block the rain, which is deeply loved by most car owners. However, there are also a few car owners who feel that it is not very useful and do not have a rain cover. Is it worth installing?

The rain shield is a rain fitting that is installed on the upper edge of the car door and protrudes outward, which can block the car windows.

The main function of the rain cover is to block rain in rainy weather. Because the car windows are designed with a slight curvature inward, when it rains, rainwater will flow into the car windows along the car windows, which is not convenient. After installing the rain shield, the protruding part can block the rain, and there is no problem with the window being slightly lowered. Open the car windows to ensure air circulation in the car, reduce the possibility of fogging in the car windows, and disperse the smell of smoke when you smoke. Most importantly, you don't have to worry about rain damaging yourself.

rain cover

It’s now in summer and it’s in the rainy season. When it’s raining, car owners keep their windows closed when driving, because when the windows are opened, rain will spill in, but driving on a rainy day is enough to make car owners feel bored. As a result, the window cannot be opened for ventilation. And because of the rain or shine, even if the window is opened, there will not be a lot of rain into the car, and at the same time, it can eliminate the fog in rainy days. If you are a smoker, you don't have to worry about the slowness of smoke emission in the car in rainy days.

This problem can be solved perfectly if you install this rain cover. You don't need to open the window very large, just open a small opening to allow air to flow into the car, keep the air fresh in the car, and drive more energy. On a sunny day, when the sun enters the car obliquely in the morning or afternoon, the rain cover can provide a certain shade of light. Although the range is small, it can also prevent the sun from glare. When you get off the car in high temperature weather, tightly closing the windows is not conducive to the heat dissipation in the car. If there is a rain or shine block, you can open a small slit for ventilation, because there is rain or shine on the top, the windows are still closed when viewed from the outside.

If the air-conditioning car windows are closed, the air in the car will not circulate, and the driving windows will definitely feel sultry and hot. At this time, the use of the rain cover will come.

Turn on the air conditioner, and then open a small opening in the car window to allow air to circulate and prevent the sun from shining into the car.

Of course, in the eyes of some car owners, installing this on their car will feel very LOW, and feel that it is not compatible with the whole car. Moreover, there is another problem, and that is noise.

Especially when driving at high speeds, the weather shield will increase the wind noise of the car, and a few car owners feel that it will obstruct the line of sight. After installing this weather shield, it will increase the blind area of ​​the A-pillar.


In addition, there is a more critical problem, that is, most of the weather shields are made of plastic, and some weather shields are not very good quality, and they are not strong and tight after being pasted, and they often encounter rainy days.

It is very likely to fall off during driving, which will cause injury to the following vehicle. Whether it is necessary to install the rain cover, in fact, it still depends on personal needs.

Post time: Jun-24-2021