What should I pay attention to when modifying a car?

Car power modification, car lamp modification, car audio modification, etc. are all common ways of car modification. While pursuing performance, the requirements for personalization are getting higher and higher. However, excessive pursuit of performance increase and personality display can sometimes affect the effect of refitting. What issues should be paid attention to when refitting a car?


1. Performance modification "intake and exhaust", more ignition system

In terms of power, the more modified ones should be based on "intake and exhaust", which is the so-called suction pipe and exhaust pipe. Then there are modifications to the ignition system, such as using better spark plugs and ignition wires. These two modifications can make the vehicle work smoothly, improve the working efficiency of the engine, and can also make the vehicle's gasoline and air fully burn after mixing, and then reduce exhaust gas emissions, which are of great benefit to the use of the engine to the vehicle. It is often the modification choice of car owners.

2. Appearance modification selects the main parts to be reasonably modified

Surrounding and guiding parts The surrounding and guiding parts mainly play a role in reducing wind resistance and increase the stability of the car. Now some car owners install large enclosures not only for aerodynamic factors, but also for a beautiful effect. The defect of the large enclosure modification is the road conditions, because after the large enclosure is installed, the height of the vehicle will be reduced, and the domestic road conditions are not very ideal, and some potholes on the road are more likely to damage the large enclosure.

The spoiler is also a more commonly used item in the modification, but generally speaking, it is not recommended to install a spoiler in a car with a small displacement. Some car owners blindly install a spoiler is counterproductive, because the spoiler is used to increase the stability of the body, which is very important for large-displacement cars, but small-displacement cars install exaggerated spoilers On the contrary, it will affect the speed of the car.
The rims and brake rims are mostly made of aluminum alloy. Although they are beautiful, they are still slightly lacking in weight loss, which is a burden for high-performance models. The modification of the brakes is mainly selected according to the model. Some basic modified vehicles are not recommended to be modified with too strong braking. Because if the brake is too strong, it is easy to be rear-ended in traffic on ordinary roads.

Car lights and car lights are refitted mainly on brightness, but it is not recommended to install over-bright headlights, because this will affect the security of oncoming vehicles. At present, there are two main types of colored light bulbs, one is blue and the other is purple. Such a colored light bulb consumes less power and has a large output power, but the structure is complex and the price is higher, so there is no need for a general modified car.

Front cover Carbon fiber front cover is the favorite of better car enthusiasts. It can not only reduce the weight of the car, but also play a good role in heat dissipation and aesthetics.

Post time: Sep-10-2021