Why more and more people like to use trunk curtains?

Generally speaking, the material of the trunk cover is mostly the roller blind design, and only a small part is made of hard cover. It can protect the privacy of the car, and can also increase the safety of the vehicle when braking at high speeds, and prevent the luggage in the trunk from colliding into the passenger compartment. The covering curtain not only has the above-mentioned functions, it is really a practical good thing.

model-Y trunk curtain

There is no covering curtain or partition board, not only the space is not fully utilized, the effect is not beautiful, if you put things behind you will be seen, which greatly increases the risk of smashing the window and stealing. Although some cars are equipped with partitions, when large luggage is placed, the trunk door cannot be closed. Car blinds can solve the above problems. Let’s introduce its function.


1. Cover the mess of luggage, daily necessities, computers and the like in the trunk of the car. The car is neat and beautiful...comfortable! You can also put some small ornaments that are not too heavy on it, which is beautiful and beautiful!

2. When the car is parked in the parking lot, it will quietly protect the objects you put in the compartment, and the hateful criminals will not be able to see through the glass windows the possible gains that he might get by committing a risk... Reduce accidental losses, insurance ! Reduce the incidence of crime, justice!

3. Since the compartment space and the rear luggage compartment are connected, if you don’t make good use of this curtain, the air conditioner in the car will cool down for a long time after it is turned on. Passengers in the car will have to wait a long time to enjoy it. When it comes to comfortable air conditioners, if the curtains are closed, the cooling effect of the air conditioner will be similar to that of a car, and the time for complete cooling will be shorter. In addition, it is necessary to remind SUV owners that if they often pull some fresh fish and shrimps, it is best to put them in an ice bucket so that the smell will not float in the compartment.

model-Y curtains

Post time: Nov-05-2021